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Monday, September 10, 2018

Vastu Shastra says these 12 plants bring in a home the auspicious benefits..

According to Vastu, many trees are very auspicious and you will be amazed to know the benefits of putting them in the house. There have been many changes over time, including being a small house. Especially in cities, where the existence of the courtyard is almost finished, where the elders were sitting, the children played, and the green trees also used to decorate the courtyard.
But this was not the only importance to them, but they also associated with the happiness and prosperity of the house. According to Vastu, let us tell you about trees and plants which are very beneficial for your home. Now even though there is no courtyard in the house, but there is a balcony in Venus.

# Tulsi Plant
First of all start with the Tulsi plant, which you will find in every other Indian house. In Hinduism it is considered to be the second form of Lakshmi. It also has wonderful medicinal properties in terms of health. Also, it is also said about the Basil plant that it prevents disaster from coming into the house and indicates that it can not be stopped.
Tulsi plant should be planted in north, northeast or east direction of the house. It keeps away negative energy from home. At the same time it keeps the atmosphere up to 50 meters around it. But by mistake, the Tilasi plant should not be put in the south direction, because then it can cause great harm to the benefit instead.

# Bamboo Tree

In Vastu there are such beliefs about Bamboo Trees that by applying it, you progress and there is happiness and prosperity in the house. The negative energy of the house is also removed. It is said about the bamboo tree that it grows fast even after all the difficulties in every environment.

Bamboo Tree
Therefore it is considered a symbol of progress, longevity and happiness. According to Hindu religion, it is very auspicious to be in Bamboo's house. Lord Shri Krishna always kept flute made of bamboo near him. Bamboo is definitely used in all the auspicious occasions like Mundhan, Janeu and Marriage etc. You can put it anywhere in the house.

# Banana Tree
Banana Tree

Banana is also a plant full of divine qualities. It is a fruit plant and indicates happiness and property in the house. According to Hindu Dharma, in the plant of banana, Lord Vishnu resides and the economic condition of those houses in those homes does not let them go bad. It is said to be planted in the direction of the north angle.

# Turmeric

Like basil, turmeric is also a boon given plant. It's quality and miraculous. This is something that is used in everything, such as worship, medicine, diet, beauty tablets. 

# Amla Tree

It is said that after worshiping the Amla tree, all your wishes are fulfilled. Every day worshiping it also destroys all sins. It is considered to be extremely beneficial in north or east direction. 

# Swarthy Plant

It is considered as a plant of Ganapati and it is a milk man. Now, according to Vastu, it is inauspicious to be within the house of such plants, but the Shvetarak is an exception in this case. There is also a belief that the plant is always near the house where it is flourishing.

# Pomegranate


Pomegranate is also a potent plant. According to Vaastu, this planet is about to remove the blame and make the person prosperous. Being pomegranate tree in the house can be avoided by planet defects.

# Parija
t Plant

It is said in the scriptures that it came out of the sea-shore. Giving the flowers to God at the feet of God, the virtue of gold donation gets, and due to its being in the house, the grace of all deities and goddesses remains.

# Shami Tree


Shami tree is also considered to be auspicious in the house. This connection has been linked to Saturn in astrology and to worship Saturn, worshiping Shami is worshiped. Applying this plant to the left of the main entrance of the house is said to be auspicious. Under the Shami tree regular burning of mustard oil can be avoided by the outbreak of sanyan and your health will also be improved.

Gudhal Tree

The more beautiful the gudhal tree is, the more beneficial it is. It is said that by applying it in the house, all the work related to law is completed. Wherever you can keep it anywhere. Pooja is also used.

# Coconut Tree

Cocount Tree

The coconut tree is also considered auspicious. It is said that in the house there are coconut trees, their honor is greatly increased.
# Bell Patra Plant

Bell Patra

You must know that Lord Shiva is very much like the plant of the Bell Letter, it is said that Lord Shiva resides on it itself. Where there is this plant, there is also the habit of generation after generation Laxmi ji.

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